Julie Zuckerberg Brings A Whole New Outlook To Executive Recruiting

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Executive recruiting involves a concerted effort to attract top talent and then hire them for current and future positions in a particular organization. Recruiters use internal as well as external strategies to find qualified individuals, and many of those strategies have been around for years. But there is a new workforce in place these days. Millennials are filling retiring Baby Boomers positions, and Millennials don’t react to some of the old recruitment strategies. The new workforce is demanding, educated, finicky and fickle. That being said, Millennials are also more tech savvy, and they are motivated by Internet facts instead of the old recruitment messages that promise a brighter future and a rewarding career. One recruiter that is acutely aware of the changes that are taking place in the workplace is Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank in New York.


Zuckerberg attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She studied philosophy, and she learned how to use her intuition and knowledge to interact with business leaders, asset managers, commercial and private wealth managers, global technology experts and operation managers. Julie has worked for Deutsche Bank since 2014, and she has made a huge impact on the bank’s workforce. Zuckerberg likes to attract people with diverse talents, but she is also involved in giving hiring governance advice to the executive committee. She is also responsible for developing new and effective recruitment practices that increase company proficiency and engagement in the banking industry. Julie has been able to attract a diverse and highly qualified group of people that wanted a career in the banking industry. Her success stems from the fact that she is able to recruit talent for entry-level positions that other recruiters couldn’t budge because of their recruitment style. Julie takes the time to develop relationships with university placement offices, executive search firms, and other recruiters. She attends conferences and is involved in professional organizations, and she is constantly searching online for candidates for certain open positions. Social media plays an important role in today’s job market, and Zuckerberg is very active when it comes to recruiting based on social media information.



One of the facts that Julie learned early in her recruitment career is employing the path of least resistance in recruiting. Julie thinks it’s a good idea to hire a person that performed the exact job, in the same industry, in the current business atmosphere, especially if the applicant works for a company with a similar culture. Past behavior is the best gauge for future behavior, according to Zuckerberg. A candidate that requires minimal training is usually the best candidate because they become productive and effective, faster, but that’s not always the case. Julie likes to look within the company first then she looks at external applicants. Providing lateral and promotional opportunities for current employees boost morale and make employees feel their talents and accomplishment are appreciated, according to Zuckerberg. When Julie is not filling important positions at Deutsche Bank, she enjoys the arts, food, and technology. Julie is an avid runner and she is constantly taking photos thanks to her love of photography.



Choosing A Reputable Provider Of Medicare Advantage Plans

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Are you looking for information on how you can select a health insurance plan? Do you want to locate an economical medical insurance plan that is ideal for you? Probably you have actually become aware of InnovaCare Health as well as the benefits of signing up with them.

InnovaCare Health is a reputable firm that provides reliable health insurance plans. The company has actually been around for many years and is regarded as the right choice for any person who is looking for affordable health coverage. Lots of people are pleased with the quality of service they receive from the team at InnovaCare Health, and the healthcare coverage they offer.

To pick a health insurance plan that matches your budget as well as your desired level or quality of health care, you need to understand how things work in this area or what to consider when deciding on a plan.

There are various medical insurance plans that are available to individuals that are in need of health coverage. it is very important to keep in mind that not all insurance plans provide the same level of care. Some plans offer far better or even more coverage compared to others. So start by obtaining obtaining information about available plans and the features they offer and also costs prior to making a decision on which plan is the most suitable for your situation.

As a leading supplier of Medicare Advantage plans and also physician practice services, InnovaCare Health has a group of specialists behind the company. It’s management group includes reputable professtionals – Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer, and Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer.

Read more:
InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Models
Penelope Kokkinides – CAO of InnovaCare

You could get your Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage Plan or an Original Medicare. If you have Original Medicare, the government covers the Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by private companies approved by Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plan offers Hospital Insurance and also Medical Insurance coverage. Medicare pays these exclusive firms to cover your Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans include Health care Company (HMO), Preferred Supplier Company (PPO), Private Fee-for-Service, Special Needs Plans, HMO Point-of-Service, Medical Savings Account (MSA).

InnovaCare Health is concentrated on solid provider-patient partnerships, and it also develops sustainable designs of managed health care that are cutting-edge, collaborated and affordable.

The leadership at InnovaCare Health believes that the key to their success hinges on always offering acceptable solution to patients and clients. The business is committed to excellent service and also strives to apply crucial solutions that satisfy the needs of the patients and also the clients.

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Maintain Online Credibility

What People Want When They Find Your Business Online

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Many people worry about their online reputation. They stress about whether or not what they’re doing is good enough for their company, and they spend countless hours every day going over what people say about them online. While it’s important to pay attention to online reputation, it shouldn’t take you a long time each week to do it either.

What People Want To Know About Your Business When They Google It

People are not expecting perfection from businesses – they know that there are trials and tribulations in every business, and that you cannot please every customer. However, they expect to see a few things when they research your business.

* Activity. They want to see you reaching out and interacting to your consumers. They want to see that you have an engaging brand.

* No reports of scams or unethical behavior in the company. Your company getting involved in scams will be very detrimental to your company, and it will eliminate a lot of business that you may have going on if you are caught up in a scam. Additionally, you may be subject to investigation and most readers won’t go to someone who is currently under investigation.


There are many different things that consumers look for online before going and shopping in a store. The most important thing they want to see is reliability from the people they are purchasing items from, and a secure online internet presence.

If you are unsure about how to fix up your online information, do not worry. There are plenty of people who are willing to help out for a low fee.

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Technology and Fashion/Investments

How Technology and Fashion Work to Improve Each Other

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While the industries of technology and fashion may seem very different, they have been complimenting each other for decades. Each brings with it a unique mind-set and vision that has something valuable to offer the other. Technology seeks to innovate and improve in the realms of functionality and efficiency. Fashion puts more of a focus on remaining aesthetically appealing and stylish. These two different industries often borrow from each other to create products that fulfill consumers’ needs for efficiency and style. As Christopher Burch describes in a Public Access article, “Technology and fashion both work hand-in-hand to make each one the best”.

Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, understands how the relationship of technology and fashion can work to create some beautiful products. Burch began his active entrepreneurial career while still attending Ithaca College. With a $2,000 investment, Burch and his brother founded Eagle’s Eye apparel. They started selling sweatshirts door-to-door around campus for $15. Eventually, Burch decided to invest in their own manufacturing center to keep up with increasing demand. The company expanded to reach several different campuses and retail stores. Burch oversaw the company’s growth to $140 million in sales with over 50 of its own retail stores.

Burch’s entrepreneurial spirit carried him to make other investments both in real estate as well as lifestyle and fashion brands. He worked as co-Chairman for the Tony Burch fashion label and was instrumental in its growth and success. To help organize and facilitate all of his investments and companies, Burch started Burch Creative Capital in 2008. The first brand that Burch created under his new company was a home decor and accessories brand named C. Wonder. It was eventually sold to Xcel Brands in 2015. Some of Burch’s real estate investments include luxury homes in Nantucket, Massachusetts and Southampton, New York.

Burch Creative Capital is a company that works directly with their clients to help them grow and scale their business. Chris Burch is not solely focused on the business side of things. He understands how critical creativity and innovation are to the success of startups and small business. With his years of experience in the fashion and consumer goods industries, Burch can offer unique advice and support for Burch Creative Capital’s clients. According to Huffington Post, the company has invested in a wide variety of companies ranging from home and office supply to luxury brands. These include Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, Chubbies, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Poppin.

Learn more on Chris Burch’s website here.

Richard Blair

Richard Blair Helps People Build Financial Portfolios

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Richard Blair is one of the people that has been able to help build client retirement plans. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions has a client base of customers that are able to building up their portfolios for retirement.

Clients can trust in Richard Blair Wealth Solutions because he has many different certifications. He is certified as an annuity specialist and a certified tax specialist. He is a certified income specialist and all of these credentials show that Richard really knows about financial planning.

Many people that are trying to retire do not have a clue about how they want to save. They don’t know how to put their long term goals into words. That is what Richard Blair is about to do for people that are in need of these services. He can help people build their portfolios and give them some insight.

Some people may not even know what their liabilities and their assets are. Blair is able to help people clarify all of these things. He has certainly been one of the most promising leaders in the investment industry.

He has been able to do provide some wealth management services that can help people preserve the wealth that they already have. That is the thing that a lot of people need help with. They may already have some money, but they may not have any idea of what they are going to do with the money that they have.

This can be a big problem. A person that is making a ton of money can still find themselves going broke if they don’t have any advice on things like taxes and legal issues. There are people that are investing in real estate. Others may have small businesses. According to Intelius, they need someone like Richard Blair Wealth Solutions that is able to help people customize their financial plans.

Richard Blair uses what he calls a three pillars approach to help customers determine what they need to do. He helps customers lay down what he refers to as a financial road map with the first pillar. He then moves customers to a long-term investment strategy that they use for their portfolio to maximize performance.

This is the second pillar. In the third pillar he establishes the financial goals to help people plan for things like life insurance and long term care for unforeseen medical issues. Richard Blair gives his clients access to better financial planning.

Booking Companies

Handy Can Make A Great Difference In The Look Of Any Home

Posted by BryanGolf on can easily make a difference in how any kind of business gets their facilities cleaned as well as how a residence gets their home cleaned. Handy is available for those who need any cleaning services that they don’t have the time to do, especially since many people are so busy these days. Handy is available in several states and many cities, and the company even has services in other countries as well. Handy is only about services, whether it’s for a residence or a business. Although most people with homes are the ones that hire Handy for work, there’s also others who will hire them as well.

Anyone may need a cleaning service, and that’s what Handy is there for, but Handy also has great services that are not as popular as their cleaning service but is still available to the general public. Painting services, plumbing services, moving services, assembly services and more are available through the Handy website or through the application. Most people like to use the application because of its ease of use as well as the fact that it’s available on most smartphones. Those that use the Handy application can order any service and pay when they’re ready.

The cost of the services will vary, depending on the services that are rendered as well as the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Those who need painting done will have to explain the amount of rooms that need painting or if it’s the actual house that needs painting. Plumbing services can vary as well because it can involve installation of plumbing, fixing plumbing, or removing plumbing, which all will have their different prices. Even electrical services are available as well, which will all have their own pricing as well.

The good thing is that anyone who orders any services will be quoted a price before they can make an appointment, and the payment for the service can be made right away with an approved credit or debit card. Handy is always having different sales, especially for their popular cleaning service, so those who want to get some specific type of cleaning should take advantage of these sales whenever they arise. Those that get a Handy cleaner will have someone who is extremely professional and well groomed for the job that they are about to perform for their customer.




Global Celebration

An Insight on Lovaganza’s 2020 Celebration

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The film industry is evolving with time. Lovaganza, a company that has invested deeply in the film industry, aims at educating the world on promotion of culture and acceptance among communities. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise was launched to take care of hosting events in various parts of the world.

The films of Lovaganza are filmed and exhibited by using spectacular and innovative IMMERSCOPE technology. The films are inspired by the past, present, and future of different nations in the world. Films have already begun shooting in different locations around the earth. The locations include US, Spain, and France.

Lovaganza’s goal is to provide global entertainment so as to inspire and also bring wonder to its audience. The company’s planning protocol include:

• A profitable plan – The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is set to generate profit by providing the world with entertainment that inspires and bring wonder to the audience by discovering cultures of nations on earth.

• A non-profit plan –The Lovaganza Foundation aims at using the success of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to providing a positive influence through promoting global and local initiatives all over the world. Lovaganza Foundation is set to open in 2018 officially.

Lovaganza is preparing for an event scheduled to take place from May to September 2020. The event is set to promote culture through groundbreaking entertainment on from motion pictures, exhibitions, and live events. The celebrations are set to be in eight different locations around the globe that will set off simultaneously.

The celebrations of Lovaganza originally scheduled for 2015 were pushed to 2020 to enable the use of emerging advancements in entertainment technology, and use of new cutting-edge concepts. The new technology is expected to give everyone a feel of different cultures all over the world.

In 2017, a Traveling Show is expected to precede the 2020 celebrations by promoting its mission and goals to the world. Also, the Traveling Show is set to unveil Lovaganza’s cinematic glassless (the 3D immersing experience). The release of three major motion pictures will follow leading to the 2020 celebrations. The glassless 3D technology, together with the standard 3D and 2D theaters, will be used to showcase the three motion pictures.

With technology advancing each day, different industries should take advantage of this and aim to improve their products and services to satisfy the need of their customers. Lovaganza has taken it upon itself to provide the world with the best they can offer in the world of film. The world should brace itself for the world breaking celebration in 2020. See:

Inmate Communication

False Claims Equal More Benefits

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Securus Technologies is a relatively well known information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in providing incredible levels of customer service support as well as offering highly reliable and efficient security and communications solutions. It has been recently reported by another information technology company, GTL, that a number of patents for Securus products had expired. This would have meant that time and effort placed in developing these products would have been useless for Securus Technologies and that their technology would be available on the open market for any company to take advantage of. Luckily for Securus this information has been proven to be inaccurate, with several third party corporations as well as Securus personnel performing diligent research to disprove the claims.


Securus technologies is an interesting information technology company as it develops and utilizes its services and products to a niche portion of the market. Securus focuses its attention on employees and inmates involved in the United States penal system. They provide communication solutions to incarcerated individuals, allowing these men and women to be able to directly communicate with their loved ones living in the outside world. An example of one of these products is a free downloadable application that is supported by both Android and Apple devices and offers seamless streaming video conferencing technology to customers. This allows the family members of inmates to bypass the annoying problems with security checks and driving times to and from prisons, opening more available time for visitation purposes.


With the identification of these false claims by GTL it would seem that Securus technologies can operate without further fingers being pointed in their direction. These false claims have no tarnished their reputation but may have instead given more presence of Securus to new possible customers in the system.



Labaton Sucharow LLP Scores Huge $17 Million Payout For SEC Whistleblower

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The whistleblower is an incredibly important part of our financial system. Public financial institutions in this country have incredible power over our economy and savings. It has never been more evident than the subprime mortgage loan crash of 2008. The largest public financial institutions in our country got caught up in borderline illegal activity swapping toxic loans. When the housing bubble burst, millions of people lost their savings and the entire economy of the world collapsed.

If we had a whistleblower inside of these banks, this might have been the averted. A whistleblower is an employee with inside information about criminal activity inside of our largest financial institutions. These employees have inside information because they work inside the financial industry and understand the workings of these institutions. They are the best people to come forward with evidence of criminal activity. Regulators are limited in their capacity to understand criminal activity in the increasingly complex financial world.

That is why it is so important that the Dodd Frank act of 2010 included provisions to protect SEC whistleblowers. These provisions not only make it illegal for the largest public financial institutions to retaliate against employees who turn evidence against them, it also financially incentivizes their whistleblowing activities. Any SEC whistleblower that comes forward under the rules of the Dodd Frank act is entitled to up to 30% of the fines collected by the government as a result of evidence collected. And these fines often extend into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

That is why it is no shock that Labaton Sucharow LLP recently announced that it had secured a $17 million payout for an anonymous whistleblower. This law firm has than on the cutting edge of SEC whistleblower protection and advocation. In fact, it was the first law firm to set up a specialized wing dealing with whistleblower activities. And the law firm went all out to staff itself with the best lawyers.

Jordan A Thomas heads the whistleblower protection program at Labaton Sucharow LLP. He maintains a staff of experienced professionals that are capable of defending and advocating for any SEC whistleblower that comes forward under the rules of the Dodd Frank act. In fact, Mr. Thomas was one of the architects of the whistleblower protections installed into the law. He could be the world’s foremost authority on protections given to whistleblowers under the consumer protection act known as Dodd Frank.

Sergey Brin

Thor Havlorssen; dethroning tyrants one at a time

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People that choose to spend the wee hours of the morning flooding other people’s mail boxes with controversial emails, or sending Wickr messages that are encrypted aren’t exactly what the society considers regular guys. Well, Thor Havlorssen is anything but regular. His pursuits, mainly after tyrants and those that oppress others and breach human rights have made him famous in some quotas and infamous in others. He owns the Human Rights Foundation that he launched in 2005 and is based in New York.

Thor Halvorssen considers himself a child of many nations. Thor is part Norwegian and part Venezuelan. His leadership and advocacy seems to be part of his genetics as he comes from a lineage of leaders on both sides. His grandfather on his father’s side was the King Consul for the Norwegian government in Venezuela during the Second World War. The first president of Venezuela is a direct descendant of his mother. The mother also has the same lineage as Simon Bolivar, the leader who freed Latinos from Spanish rule. His philosophy is that human rights are the fundamental basis of all other discussions.

The background that shaped Thor’s current activism

People who experience things first hand, more often than not, end up being advocates against the situations. When Thor was growing up, he witnessed his father’s human rights being violated. His father was locked up in a prison in Caracas and suffered a lot for being a drug Czar. His mother was also shot during riots against Hugo Chavez.

Despite his sad past, Thor is not a bitter man, he loves all of humanity. He respects people that fight for other people’s rights, the ones who defy the norm and work for the freedoms and fights of the others. Thor has had his fair share of mistreatment, like the Vietnam interview that went sour and his crew ended up hiding cameras in their rectum. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Thor respects everyone who is on the same mission as he is. His company has a staff of 12 from around the world and gets sponsorship from PayPal’s co-founder and Google’s Sergey Brin.