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Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: Traffic

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Austin area is one of the most populous places in Texas. Austin City itself is also one of the most congested cities in the country. For this reason, many discussions have been conducted to reduce the congestion in the place in a manner that depicts the true nature of the industry. During the past one decade, the area has been filled by an influx of people and cars. For his reason, the traffic jam was the order of the day on the public roads. However, the city decides to hold many discussions to develop a way to ease congestion in the city. For this reason, the many discussions developed a better way of getting better results in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Austin City has suffered from the traffic jam. In the recent past, the solution for traffic jam was attained in the city. However, the situation turned back into what it was soon after a solution was formed. This went on to become a major problem in the state. For this reason, they decided to introduce the driverless cars that could be driven using a central computer in the region. According to the planner, this new system of driverless cars was the better option because it could reduce the amount of traffic jam in a matter of seconds. Since no driver is overlapping other cars in a jam, they will be controlled by a central system that will input all manners of depiction in a way that depicts market leadership.


When you want to solve a problem, you must first determine the cause of the problem it is also important that you eradicate the cause of the problem before you emanate into business action. While all those actions are under determination in the city, they must also be aware that the root of all traffic jam in the city is the Williamson County. Williamson County is also the most populous outskirt of Austin City. As a matter of fact, they have worked to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that depicts the true leadership in the city. The Williamson County Growth Summit was the only opportunity that presented itself to discuss reducing traffic jam in Williamson County. This was a rare opportunity that was designed to develop a new transportation system in the county to reduce traffic jam in the city. The granola transportation system was developed in a manner that depicts the true leadership in the industry.

Learn about the Executive Director of the CTRMA, Mike Heiligeinstein

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Financial Expert

Expert Analysis On Post Trump Investment Market

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As Donald J. Trump has won the election and making the calls, the investment market has been quite anxious about the future. While many investors are holding on to their cash, a number of investment advisors are quite optimistic that this the beginning of a new era and there will have something positive in future.

Among those optimistic advisors, Timothy Armour is a prominent one. He is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group as well as the Chairman and PEO of Capital Research and Management Company. He has been closely monitoring the investment market and found some noteworthy trends. According to him, the market is moving towards a positive direction for the investors, and they will have a good time ahead along with a few hurdles. In one of his recent interviews, he pointed out that Federal Reserves has increased interest rate twice within this year. In addition to that, he is also optimistic about rising corporate earnings as well. These are some of the positive indicators for the investors to get the desired return on their investment. He is also advising that organizations such as Banks and commodity-based organizations would a be a good place to invest as they have better chances of doing good business. He also predicts that internet companies in China could be a lucrative option for investors looking for global investment opportunities.

Tim has been working in the investment sector for last 33 years. He started his career in Capital Group as a participant in its “Associate Program.” He also worked here as an Equity Investment Analyst and served in different other positions. While working in Capital, Tim developed an intuitive and different approach in dealing with investments. According to him, investors need to understand how the market operates in the first place rather than denouncing it. For instance, while the majority of the people see the Market Sell-Off in September 2015 as a bad thing, he sees it as a natural way of the market to adjust itself in a natural way. In one of his articles, Tim explained that the stocks were overpriced at that time and the authorities needed to take away access money through devaluing the currency.

Tim also suggests people should always work with active fund managers who are also willing to invest along with their clients. Since they have a personal interest in that portfolio, they will be more enthusiastic and aggressive to maximize return. Like those active fund managers, Tim has been working very hard at Capital group and investing in different sectors.


Julie Zuckerberg: Reaching The Right Talent

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Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank is known for her strategies to bring the best talent into the bank. In her role, she takes care of talent acquisition for Global Technology & Operations, Asset Management, and Private Wealth & Commercial Clients. She is known for attracting talents with specialized skill sets for the complex job requirements and also promoting a culture of integrity within the organization. Deutsche Bank is a German based global bank with various services including trading, retail banking, fund management, corporate finance, transaction banking, wealth management, derivatives, etc. In her current role, Julie collaborates with various business verticals within the organization to initiate regional talent acquisition policies and make process improvements in overall recruiting. She leads the Managing Director level recruitment by developing the strategy and involving in the negotiations by including key function stakeholders and material risk takers. Julie provides coaching and strategic direction to the team of acquisition specialists, recruiting coordinators, sourcers, etc. She is also been consulted by both leadership and executive committees regarding hiring and recruitment practices, to increase the efficiency of the process in order to get the best talents.



Julie started her career with Hudson, as the Director of Candidate Placement, where she took care of the recruitment process of various clients that the firm is associated with. It includes both temporary and permanent staffing and took care of compensation and other benefits of the employees. Later, she worked with Citi as Vice President and Executive Recruiter with various responsibilities including providing full-life cycle recruitment for Managing Director and Director roles for verticals such as Citi Global Consumer Marketing and Internet Office, and CitiCards. She was giving specific inputs on recruitment strategies, talent, competitive market, etc., to the senior leadership of the firm. She also led the recruitment team in refining the complex job offers by strategizing it to fit into the organization perspective with the skill set and competency required. She engaged with the global team of recruitment and brought candidates from across the world by addressing expatriate process and international relocation issues. She managed the different search firms and agencies including the fee negotiation, firm selection, etc. Before joining Deutsche Bank, she also worked for New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President and Experience Hire Recruiting Lead for a short period of time. She joined Deutsche Bank in April 2014 as Vice President and Executive Recruiter and promoted to the current role in November 2015.



Regarding her education, Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Later she did her J.D from New York Law School. She is an active volunteer of various social, environmental and animal issues. She is a strong proponent of economic empowerment, human rights, conserving culture, technology development, arts, animal welfare, etc. She is collaborating with various human development cum skill development programs including national level career guidance and coaching. Her hobbies include photography, running, technology, art, food, etc. She is a frequent face in New York’s cultural events.




Texas Transportation

Finding Enduring Solutions to Williamson County’s Traffic Woes

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Transport is a major challenge in most cities. Williamson County is among areas that experience numerous traffic challenges. Recently, stakeholders and transport gurus held a seminar to discuss challenges that face the county’s suburban communities. The panel’s discussion also centered on how transport infrastructure can be upgraded to cater for emerging technologies. There is great hope that the deliberations made will ease the county’s traffic challenges.


The seminar’s panel of experts included Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, transport systems designer, Jared Ficklin, RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, and Uber Technologies Inc. Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns. The seminar was hosted at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. Besides Williamson County, the discussions also roped in transport challenges in major metropolises across the globe.


Notable Contributions


During the meeting, Heiligenstein emphasized the role that emerging technologies can play in the transformation of transport infrastructure and mobility in general. He also pointed out that Austin has been making notable investments in its transportation system but there is still room for improvement. Furthermore, there is need to build smarter roads and increase the capacity of the existing ones so that the dynamic challenges can be addressed once and for all.


Ficklin was quick to point out that the flexibility of the city’s building and land-use codes ought to be maintained since it is in harmony with the emerging technologies. There was general optimism about the introduction of driverless cars. Nonetheless, the improvement of Austin’s road capacity was a key discussion topic due to the remarkable growth rate that is currently being experienced. It is important for Austin residents to be provided with first and last-mile transport solutions that can enable them travel with ease.


Mike Heiligenstein in Brief


Mike is the current head of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This position outs him in charge of transport facilities in Central Texas and its suburbs. The agency was formed in 2002 with the aim of designing modern transportation networks that would ease mobility challenges in the area. Under Mike’s headship, the agency has been lauded for completing intricate projects including 183A in Williamson County.


The authority is currently in the process of forming partnerships that will enable it build more multi-modal transport systems that meet the needs of the fast-growing region. Besides his role at the agency, Mike serves on Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s board. The career public servant also heads the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association.


Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals with Trumps

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UAE national Hussain Sajwani is a serial and successful business visionary with over three years of expertise in pioneering and growing fast-paced enterprises. He is the founder, proprietor and Chairman of worldwide combination DAMAC Group, a multi-billion dollar company situated in Dubai and with operations in more than 20 countries. Hussain Sajwani ‘s expertise and experience in the property development field from sales, marketing, finance, administration and legal is one of the key drivers of the organization’s prosperity and today has several major projects in key world key Cities like Dubai, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, London, Jeddah, and Riyadh. As an adroit businessperson and financial specialist, Sajwani likewise has unquestionable track records of fruitful forays in the worldwide value and capital markets. He presently holds business portfolios of securities in various provincial and worldwide markets. Hussain Sajwani has additionally served in several boards including the Al Ahlia Insurance in Bahrain, Majan University College in Muscat Oman, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi and JUNO Online in New York.

After thriving in DAMAC Properties, the Dubai desert Kingdom, the developer and billionaire Hussein Sajwani is seeking to improve his business association with Donald Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization. The two titans in real estate who celebrated the eve of the New Year together have now teamed up on the Trump International Golf Club, the place where luxury villas have piled on nearly $2 billion in deals. In the mid-90’s, Hussain Sajwani built different hotels for accommodation of the rising influx of people who come to Emirate to trade and business. In 2002, he recognized the market opportunity and built up DAMAC Properties, which has become the one of the biggest property development firm in Middle East. DAMAC Properties employs about 2000 workers and is a publicly-listed firm with shares exchanged in the Dubai Financial Market. The organization has one of the best track records in the luxurious property development market and to date have built more than 16,800 homes an establishment portfolio of more than 44,000 units at different phases of planning and progress. It is the entrepreneurial skills of Hussain Sajwani that have led to the extraordinary development of DAMAC.

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Apps/Technology and Fashion

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is Redefining the Communications Sector

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Since its debut, Video Chat has become the most sought after communication app. It has helped entrepreneurs to talk to their partners regardless of their location or time zones. Due to its fantastic record of achievements, Video Chat carried the day during the annual Awards held by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) on August 18, 2016. It scooped the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award – its second accolade in 2016 from TMC.

About the annual Communications Solutions Products Honor

TMC founded this award to honor advanced products and services that have redefined the communications sector. These products and services must be new in the market or upgraded versions introduced within the last twelve months.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat

The WebRTC technology supports Video Chat, enabling users to engage in conversations with anyone, in any place, using devices such as tablets, desktop, and smartphone. The user can begin communicating using Video Chat by installing it into their handheld devices from online stores such as Google Play and iTunes. The full version of Video Chat debuted in March 2016.

CEO Bob Reina assured his clients that Talk Fusion is planning to launch more state-of-the-art applications and services to optimize the Video Marketing Solution. He said that the IT team has great plans for the All-in-One Video Marketing Solution.

Talk Fusion

A direct selling giant and trusted vendor of video marketing solutions, the Florida-based Talk Fusion assists entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. It changes lives via its licensed video technology. The company has adopted a direct selling business model, whereby independent associate from almost every country in the world market its products. Bob Reina, a former police officer, created this innovative firm back in 2007.

Why you should choose Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion surprised major companies in the direct selling sector after it unveiled the first Instant Compensation Plan in the globe. With this excellent plan, the independent associates of the firm can receive their commission immediately after selling Fusion’s products. As a member of Direct Selling Association, the company follows the business rules and regulations. Talk Fusion hires highly skilled IT professionals to create easy-to-use advanced products that promote the growth of firms of all forms and sizes.


Christanna Bevin A Project Manager Like No Other

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Christanna Bevin is a Sydney-based project manager with a lot of experience in her work. She has also worked to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients. For this reason, she is now one of the most sought project managers in the world. She has also worked as a project manager and proved beyond doubt to be what every project needs in this world. For you to have your project completed promptly, you might consider seeking the services of an individual like the Christanna Bevin to get the job done, consider seeking the services of the most experienced individuals and get better results through innovation and capability management in a resourceful management portfolio. Christanna Bevin works by developing an internal relationship between her work and profession to create to create a plan which will work to meet the particular needs of the clients.


She also works to control the contract of any project placed in her hands. For this reason, she has an unmatched development in the industry through innovation and strategic development strategies. You will be sure to place your project in the safest hands in the industry with the experience to conduct services promptly. Christanna Bevin also has an excellent communication and written skills in all aspects of management and portfolio services in the world. For this reason, she has gained the capability to develop numerous relationships to have her stakeholders get the most out of his management criterion. Because she uses her knowledge and experience to give the best to her clients, she has become one of the most respected individuals in this industry of project management. She goes an extra mile to exceed all the expectations of her clients in one of the most innovative ways in the world.


She always treats her project with the respect they deserve. For this reason, she has developed high-end solutions to make these things better in result management and platforms. For all her projects she has a skilled hand to do the job. She also ensures she stays ahead of everyone’s interest because she has relationships with construction companies.


Pub Med and Pub central/Oncotarget

Medical Journals- Oncotarget

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Living a healthy life is very crucial in our day to day lives and most of the people struggle to make sure their mind, body and even their spiritual being is healthy. With the advancement of technology individuals go online to get insight as well as knowledge on how to lead a healt6hy life. Several publishes have been made including Oncotarget and therapy journals.

The Oncotarget journals are provided to readers across the world at no cost. The Oncotarget is an index on the Pub Med Central and the publication on the papers are always submitted to the Pub Med for indexing purpose. The primary purpose of publishing the journals is to mainly cover all aspects of oncology.

The journal was established in 2010 and the impact journal are responsible publishing the journals. The chief editors who are responsible for the publishing are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blgosklonny. Impact Journals reported that Oncotarget is now providing free Altmerics Article reports as their latest part of their journal stage that will offer real-time following of article attention on both digital and tradition broadcasting channels.

The journals are known to explore the evidence behind both the new and the old therapies and improve the outcome and also define their usage in in regards to their eventual uptake, and how the patient and the medical professional accept the therapy. According to Dove Press, the Oncotarget is index online and the index include

  • Pub Med and Pub central.
  • Biological abstract
  • BIOSIS preview
  • Directory of open access journals
  • Journals citations reports
  • Science citation index
  • Embase from 2009
  • OAister : the open access initiative

Medical companies have an added advantage when they publish their therapy on the journal. Some of the advantages include

  • The journal is open and is accessible to anyone who opens the papers and can also be downloaded from the dove website.
  • The journal is an electronic and even though it received a large amount of journals, the papers are always published.
  • Oncotarget is one of the fastest medical journals in the world and it does not frustrated publishes as their papers are published with no delay.
  • When an author publishes their papers on the journal, the authors have found that the comments add up to final papers.

All medical authors are advised to publish their medical papers on Oncotarget to help the world on therapies. The journal is a member and has also subscribed to the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).


Financial Expert

Investment Tips: What Igor Cornelsen Wishes He Knew When He Got Started

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Investing is the best way to build wealth over time. Igor Cornelsen is an investor from Brazil, and he likes to spend his time and money helping others. He gives out a lot of investing advice that can be used to increase your overall net worth. Over time, he has proven to have the knowledge to help others get to the next level with their finances. He has a track record of success in investing on about.me in the right areas that drive growth throughout the economy.


Igor Cornelsen is passionate about the nation of Brazil. He has spent his whole life in the country, and he knows that it can be a leader on the world stage. With all of the growth in the country, he has made a lot of money through the years. He primarily invests in real estate and mining operations on WordPress. With all of the money he has made, he spends a lot of it helping others. He is passionate about helping others in his local community who want to get to the next level financially. Over the long term, he has proven to have a track record of success in this area.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Igor Cornelsen has led a great life of influence that has helped others in a variety of ways. If you want to learn how to impact others, he is a great person to learn from. In addition, learning from his investment advice will help you greatly increase your ability to save and invest money for the future. See: http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/


Alexandre Gama Returns To Creative Pursuits

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The Brazilian advertising creative Alexandre Gama has recently made the decision to return to his creative passions after spending much of the 21st century as the Global Chief Creative Officer of the advertising giant BBH. Alexandre Gama is well known around the world for the length and breadth of his advertising career, which has taken him to New York, London, and his own native Rio de Janeiro.

At the start of 2016, Alexandre Gama made the bold decision to return to the creative side of both his own life and the work he continues to complete with his own Neogama advertising company; as the most decorated advertising creative in the history of the Brazilian creative industry Alexandre Gama will no doubt give the industry as a whole a major boost in the coming years.

Along with the return Alexandre Gama is making to advertising this creative individual is also hoping to spend more time exploring the other aspects of his life, including the guitar based Violab based company. Violab allows Gama to explore his own interests in the guitar and help teach young people the skills of playing with a passion he feels has largely been lost in the 21st century.

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