Advantages of Using NuoDB Database System

In 2008, Barry S Morris and Jim Starkey came together and founded NimbusDB which is today known as NuoDB. It is a database company with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Additionally, it has international recognition with its tech finding use at Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and the United Arabs Emirate Exchange. The expansion of NuoDB was due to the creation of an elastically scalable database. Therefore, organizations utilizing the company SQL cloud database gets to enjoy an unlimited space for data storage. In 2014, the company got recognized by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech for their innovation.

NuoDB employs the use of an elastic database for cloud applications. It has a unique distributed object structure working in the database. Therefore, when a new server gets added to scale-out, the database becomes faster. When the cloud database get issued with a task or command, it distributes them among several processors ensuring there are no bottlenecks. As a result, the clients achieve space, quality, and speed when retrieving data. NuoDB designed the system to expand and align upon the 12 rules of relational databases. It operates at speeds of over one million transactions in a second. It’s available to the clients in three versions; the free developer version, professional version, and a version meant for enterprise.

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