Alexandre Gama Returns To Creative Pursuits

The Brazilian advertising creative Alexandre Gama has recently made the decision to return to his creative passions after spending much of the 21st century as the Global Chief Creative Officer of the advertising giant BBH. Alexandre Gama is well known around the world for the length and breadth of his advertising career, which has taken him to New York, London, and his own native Rio de Janeiro.

At the start of 2016, Alexandre Gama made the bold decision to return to the creative side of both his own life and the work he continues to complete with his own Neogama advertising company; as the most decorated advertising creative in the history of the Brazilian creative industry Alexandre Gama will no doubt give the industry as a whole a major boost in the coming years.

Along with the return Alexandre Gama is making to advertising this creative individual is also hoping to spend more time exploring the other aspects of his life, including the guitar based Violab based company. Violab allows Gama to explore his own interests in the guitar and help teach young people the skills of playing with a passion he feels has largely been lost in the 21st century.

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