An Insight on Lovaganza’s 2020 Celebration

The film industry is evolving with time. Lovaganza, a company that has invested deeply in the film industry, aims at educating the world on promotion of culture and acceptance among communities. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise was launched to take care of hosting events in various parts of the world.

The films of Lovaganza are filmed and exhibited by using spectacular and innovative IMMERSCOPE technology. The films are inspired by the past, present, and future of different nations in the world. Films have already begun shooting in different locations around the earth. The locations include US, Spain, and France.

Lovaganza’s goal is to provide global entertainment so as to inspire and also bring wonder to its audience. The company’s planning protocol include:

• A profitable plan – The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is set to generate profit by providing the world with entertainment that inspires and bring wonder to the audience by discovering cultures of nations on earth.

• A non-profit plan –The Lovaganza Foundation aims at using the success of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to providing a positive influence through promoting global and local initiatives all over the world. Lovaganza Foundation is set to open in 2018 officially.

Lovaganza is preparing for an event scheduled to take place from May to September 2020. The event is set to promote culture through groundbreaking entertainment on from motion pictures, exhibitions, and live events. The celebrations are set to be in eight different locations around the globe that will set off simultaneously.

The celebrations of Lovaganza originally scheduled for 2015 were pushed to 2020 to enable the use of emerging advancements in entertainment technology, and use of new cutting-edge concepts. The new technology is expected to give everyone a feel of different cultures all over the world.

In 2017, a Traveling Show is expected to precede the 2020 celebrations by promoting its mission and goals to the world. Also, the Traveling Show is set to unveil Lovaganza’s cinematic glassless (the 3D immersing experience). The release of three major motion pictures will follow leading to the 2020 celebrations. The glassless 3D technology, together with the standard 3D and 2D theaters, will be used to showcase the three motion pictures.

With technology advancing each day, different industries should take advantage of this and aim to improve their products and services to satisfy the need of their customers. Lovaganza has taken it upon itself to provide the world with the best they can offer in the world of film. The world should brace itself for the world breaking celebration in 2020. See:

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