Andy Wirth: The Fearless Head of a Top Ski Company

When most people suffer from a near death experience, they tend to try to live a nice and steady, normal life with little risk and not too much stress. Andy Wirth is not one of those people. In Olympic Valley, California, are the headquarters of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, of which Wirth is CEO and President. He has given countless beads of sweat and worked plenty of late nights to make Squaw Valley Ski Holdings what it is today: one of the most renown ski destinations for tourists in the world.

It’s variety in terrain, course length, and large fleet of lifts is sure to give any level of skier the time of his or her life. Wirth’s success has even led to his appointment as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. The Corporation, which is responsible for promoting flights and traffic into the Renoe-Tahoe International Airport, feels that Andy Wirth‘s success in the ski and tourism industries can bring more traffic and money to the area.

Amidst all of his success, Andy Wirth has still remained charitable. He is a major donor to several environmental and community service organizations in the area around Lake Tahoe. Wirth’s focus is to improve the area and its parks for people of all ages. His biggest service project, though, is his co-founding of an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support” to honor America’s greatest men of the Navy SEALs.

Wirth got the idea after meeting a Navy Seal team was in town for their winter combat training. He became good friends with some of the men, with whom he formed an Ironman team for the next race comprised them, himself, and one of his old cycling friends he knew in college.

Aside from competing in excruciating physical trials, the “Wounded Warrior Support” team does plenty for America’s finest, as it fundraises for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which raises money to help support the families of SEALs.

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