Anthony Petrello- A philanthropist to Texas Neurological Research Centre.

Anthony Petrello is a big financier of the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has single-handedly contributed over $5 million towards the establishment of the institution. The research center was established so that it could be used to find a treatment of neurological disorders that affect children. Having been victims of this medical disorder, through their daughter, Petrello and his wife remain dedicated to support the project up until a time there will be a breakthrough in the treatment of their daughter and other children.

The Petrellos have been very grateful to all medical specialists who have dedicated their lives to conduct research that may finally bring to an end the suffering of hundreds of children suffering from neurological disorders. As part of their mission to confront this challenge, their attend conferences where they talk to parents of other children suffering from similar conditions. They hope that by sharing their story with others will bring peace to other parents who may have lost hope in their children’s conditions. They also hope from their talks that more parents can come up to support the initiative. Despite having a busy life in the corporate sector, Anthony Petrello never misses a chance to contribute to charitable events that address the issue of neurological disorders, either through finances or by just offering to speak or writing to participants.

Anthony Petrello describes the life he has undergone raising a daughter with severe disability as challenging one. To him, this is the challenge of a lifetime. It has really humbled him. Although he is a brilliant business manager, he has no other solution than to depend on the assistance of medical experts to turn things around for his daughter.

The life story of Anthony Petrello is an interesting one. In all the business ventures he has laid his hands on, they have come out very successful. Currently, he is the CEO of Nabors, an oil and gas drilling company. Before joining Nabors in as an executive, he was a lawyer at one of the best law firms in New York known as Baker&McKenzie. He was the managing partner of their New York office. Anthony Petrello was specializing in matters of corporate taxation. He was a master of law interpretations, and he used to receive numerous clients who wanted his assistance. Nabors Industries was part of his clients. His experience in matters of corporate compliance has helped Nabors industries in a big way during his tenure.

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