Anthony Petrello- His contribution to the growth of the Nabors

Anthony Petrello is a business executive and a renowned philanthropist. As a business executive, he probably is the best executive in the whole world. He heads an oil and natural gas drilling company known as Nabors industries. This is a company that he has worked for more two decades. He first joined the corporation in 1991 as the chief operating officer. Over the years he has managed to be part and parcel of all the major shifts in the operations of the firm. As the head of operations in the firm, he managed to streamline operations such that the operations of the firm were in line with the set-out mission and vision of the drilling firm. His recommendation to the firm that they buy some of the rivals in the industry worked very well as the competition was eliminated and the firms’ capacity to conduct its operations all over the world also worked very well.

Nabors Industries is now a global company that operates in almost every corner of the world. It does not matter whether it is the Far East, Africa or the Middle East. Its drilling services in huge demand. Following the contribution of Anthony Petrello, the company has managed to secure drilling deals that have made the company’s profits shoot up. Ever since he took over the management of the drilling firm, it has been performing very well and not even the economic hardships that are experienced from time to time have been able to slow down the progress of this firm.

Anthony Petrello has an interesting history. First of all, he was born in a very humble family. His family could hardly afford to take him to a good school. Despite these hardships, he was a brilliant student who never gave up on his dream of becoming global icon. He worked very hard and demonstrated brilliance that was never seen before in the areas of Newark. He has a talent for solving mathematical problems.

Due to his brilliance in mathematics, he was awarded scholarship to study at the famous Yale University. He attained masters in mathematics and was the best students of mathematics that Yale has ever produced.

Although he was a great mathematician, he never finished his studies at the university. He shifted from a mathematician career to that of law. He joined Harvard school of law. After law school, he worked at a law firm in New York before he was finally headhunted by Nabors to help them run the operations of the firm.

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