Anthony Petrello- President and CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is not only a business executive, he is also one of the most generous philanthropists that the world have ever seen. His passion for supporting initiatives that add value to the society is second to none. He is one person who has never shied from giving to the community. As a business executive, he has worked closely with the people of Texas to develop one of the largest brain research center that the country has ever seem. He has been supporting this initiative with millions of dollars. He has personally contributed over $5 million towards the development of this center.

The drive to support this center has been created by a challenge that he has been going through in recent times. His daughter called Carena was been born with a brain condition. This is a problem that has affected her ability to perform basic tasks such as chewing and walking. Carena was born with neurological problem. Her brain could not receive enough oxygen. This meant that she could not carry out some of the normal body functions. The problem aggravated when she developed Cerebral Palsy. This is a condition that made everything worse. He was paralyzed and could not do anything. Carena has to be taught how to even chew food.

With this challenge, Anthony Petrello decided that he should do something. He visited all the big hospital in the world in search of a medical care facility that could treat his daughter. After being around the world, he realized that there was not enough research done on the matter of neurological disorders in children. He was faced with a problem of having to accept that her daughter would not find any treatment for her condition. Anthony Petrello as a leading CEO is very wealthy. He has the capability of looking for the best medical care for her daughter. He decided that he would not sit down and watch her daughter struggle with this disease. He came up, with the initiative of supporting research in this medical field.

At the Texas Children’s Hospital, there is a research center that has already been established. This is a research center that is concerned with doing research on the causes and treatment of neurological disorders in children. Anthony Petrello has been supportive of this initiative and has contributed $7 million so that it can be developed. He hopes that the doctors and surgeons at the center will finally come up with a way of treating these disorders in children.

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