Attorneys Like Karl Helideck in the Weekly Process of Litigation

Attorney Karl Helideck
Attorney Karl Helideck

Do you know what litigation is? It is definitely a crucial stage of a legal dispute that is often seen on the court. Litigation is a method that serves to settle controversial discussions and debates that haven’t been able to come to a conclusion and more information click here.

In the litigation process, the two parties involved in the case present their cases to the judges, who then analyze the whole spectrum to decide, in conjunction, what is the course of action that will lead to the ending of the debate. Attorneys, witnesses and legal representatives can be involved from both sides.

Both teams try to defend a legal right from their points of view, and the jury is there to maintain control and take the course of the debate. It is also possible to come to an agreement between both sides of the litigation, but it’s also very common that the judge of court settles the discussion with their decision in case no deal was made.

Karl helideck has already experienced many litigation phases in the court, participating in them as an Attorney. He studied at the school of law at Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law in 2006. Since then, he has been working in the field for Pepper Hamilton LLP and, his newest position, a Contract Attorney in the Hire Counsel group.

Not many people know that he had a previous graduation that came before he decided to invest in being a law attorney. He studied English Language and Literature/Letters in the Swarthmore College, three years before starting his next superior education.

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