Beneful Makes “Human Food” for Dogs

Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful has captured the attention of a tremendous number of people who love their dogs and do wish to serve a meal that includes all the necessary nutrients to aid the pet’s health. Beneful absolutely has a large selection on Wal-Mart groceries of wet foods capable doing just that.

Chopped Blends may be considered the original Beneful wet foods. (Not to be confused with actual products named Beneful Originals, which are dry foods) Chopped Blends mix up a great many ingredients in order to serve a complete meal of excellent nutrients. Chopped Blends with chicken, liver, peas, brown rice & sweet potatoes reflects one of the more “packed” selections. The meal is an exceptionally hearty one to be sure. The sheer massive array of nutrient-packed ingredients is going to keep a dog well fed.

Another excellent item in the Chopped Blends collection is Chopped Blends with lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach. The vegetable portion is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Brown rice and lamb are not exactly two foods a canine is likely to eat on a consistent basis. Their presence here is another added plus.

Beneful has found dog owners and their pets do love a great deal of variety. The brand has done a lot of work to continue to deliver on varied recipes with its wet foods.

Beneful does like to release a number of wet food selections that are commonly oriented with human food. Chicken stew is a nice alternative for humans who like stew, but want to cut down on red meat. Beneful Chicken Stew with rice, carrots, peas, and barley. Consistently feeding a dog red meat isn’t the best idea because doing so leads to a lack of nutritional variety. Switching up the source of protein helps with the cause of improving variety.

Roasted Turkey Medley is another one of those “human-like” selections. In addition to the lean poultry, corn, wild rice, peas, and barley are added to the mix. As would be the case with humans, all these ingredients do a fine job of helping support a dog’s diet.

Ultimately, a good diet means good health.

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