Betsy Devos Taking Philanthropy on another Level

Betsy Devos was born on January 1958, as Elisabeth Prince in Holland, Michigan. She studied at Holland Christian High School and then joined Calvin College in Grand Rapids and obtained a BA degree in business economics. Betsy is well known as a philanthropist, educational activist, a politician and an entrepreneur. Mrs. Devos is the 11th and the current United States Secretary of Education.


Advocating for voucher programs to be used in private schools, school choice, and the introduction of charter schools is a subject that Betsy puts effort. Betsy Devos is an established humanitarian, and with the cooperation of his husband, Richard Marvin (Dick Devos), they established the Dick $ Betsy Devos Foundation in 1989 supporting five areas which are community, arts, leadership, education, and justice.


Betsy Devos has a passion for helping children attain a high-quality education. From 1999 to 2014, Betsy has donated funds to many schools through the foundation. The donations totaled up to at least $ 59.7 million to public schools, $ 2.39 million to Grand Rapids Christian High School and $ 8.6 million to private Christian schools. Specific examples include $ 458,000 to Holland Christian School, $ 2.39 million to Grand Rapids Christian High School and $ 652,000 to the Ada Christian School among others.


In 2009, Betsy Devos established an international art competition called ArtPrize with the help of her son, Rick Devos. The Dick & Betsy Devos Foundation contributed $ 3.5 million to its 2016 budget to have the event happen successfully. The donation also helped award the best art contestants as Betsy is also passionate about arts.


Records show that the Betsy & Dick Devos Foundation donated $ 11.6 million to organizations in 2015. Some of the organizations were Institute for Justice, Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Baptist for Life and Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund and many others. This donation summed up their lifetime contributions to $ 139 million. With this funding, the foundation was ranked among the top 25 America’s top givers by Forbes.


Moreover, Betsy Devos is an active politician in the United States. Betsy served as a Republican National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. From 1996 to 2000, Betsy was a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, and she was reelected in 2003. Currently, Mrs. Devos is the chairwoman of organizations like the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Acton Institute and the Alliance for School Choice.


Also, Betsy serves as the chairwoman of Windquest Group, a company that concentrates on managing enterprise and investments. Betsy Devos hopes that The Dick $ Betsy Devos Foundation will grow to benefit many organizations so that the society can lead their dream lives. Betsy Devos uses any opportunity she gets to fight for improvements in the education sector.


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