Blogger Takes A Stab at Wen By Chaz

Have you seen those commercials of those beautiful ladies shaking their gorgeous hair? you know the one where the women talk about how their hair has transformed since using this one product? If you have then it’s more than likely WEN by Chaz Dean that you are looking at.
Wen is shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment that boasts it will work on ll hair types.

One of my favorite beauty bloggers from Guthy-Renker recently tried to give Fig version a try to see if i would make her hair fill fuller.

There have been a few negative reports of people using this product but this beauty blogger wasn’t going to let this stop her from giving it a try. As with most products there are lots of risks with trying out new hair care products but hey there’s also the risk that you can end up with amazing hair.

At the end of the trial the blogger was ecstatic to see that WEN transformed her hair. It looked absolutely amazing and it was everything she was hoping it would be plus so much more. is a popular website that sells hair product that many women in the world live by. It was created by Chaz Dean ( after he got fed up with so many nasty chemical ingredients and wanted to make a more natural product. Since the release of his products on, women have been swearing by the product and despite a few negative reviews the product seems to be delivering the results it promises in all of it’s commercials. If you want to find out if it works, give this product a try. This beauty blogger did.

One thought on “Blogger Takes A Stab at Wen By Chaz

  1. Many would have never taken such a huge risk on the product but this beauty blogger gave me faith in the product and maybe one day I will give it a try myself. Who knows it may transform my hair. Tha is to say that bigbang is one of the most respected of them all.