Cotemar – Providing Advanced Maritime and Support Services to Oil Rigs

Cotemar is a well-known and highly renowned service provider to the oil and gas industry since 1979. It is a Mexican company that provides a comprehensive range of ancillary and support services to the oil and gas companies drilling offshore.

Cotemar has a massive fleet of specializes maritime vessels that are fitted with modern technology to ensure safety as well as accuracy in the services it provides to the oil rigs.

The company is known for its high performance and has a pool of specialized workers, who ensure that the clients get the best and the most reliable services in the industry. Petroleos Mexicanos is the leading client of Cotemar to whom the company has been providing a broad range of services for many years.

The services offered by Cotemar have helped PEMEX to improve its performance as well as output, which has also assisted in enhancing its revenue manifolds. Cotemar is also known to be one of the best companies to work in Mexico and is a dream employer for maritime professionals. Learn more about Cotemar: and

However, Cotemar has very stringent recruitment criteria and does not rely on third-party recruiters, which is one of the reasons it has been able to maintain its standards for last four decades. The offshore oil rigs depend on the ancillary and support services provider like Cotemar to function smoothly without any issues.

The job of drilling oil from underneath sea is complicated already to take care of other tasks like catering, lodging, transportation, construction, and maintenance, which is where Cotemar comes in.

The services offered by Cotemar helps its clients to carry on with the task of oil drilling without any restrictions or hiccups. The processes followed by Cotemar are considered to be the benchmarks in the industry and are high performance oriented.

Cotemar focuses on research and development, which has helped the company to improve and improvise over time and evolved hand-in-hand with the oil and gas industry. At present, Cotemar has over 8,000 employees, and the workforce continues to grow in numbers with time as the company continues to expand its operations.

The company believes in developing and implementing initiatives that would help the employees with their all round development, including specialized skill training and other courses. It helps the company to equip its employees with the latest knowledge and update about the maritime industry.

Cotemar continues to develop the range of services it provides to ensure that the clients get value based services that are safe, reliable, and most of all, economical.

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