David Mcdonald; the Great OSI Group CEO

Mr. David is the Chief Operating Officer and the president of OSI Group, LLC. McDonald earlier served as the project manager of the OSI industries. He is also the North American Meat institute chairman. Mr. David McDonald has also been the Marfrig Global Foods independent director since 2008 December after the MarfriFrigorificos e comercio de Alimentos attained the operations of OSI Group in Brazil and in Europe. Mr. David is one of the OSI Group director’s board member. He is also currently serving as the Director of OSI international foods in Australia. Mr. David is a Lowa State University graduate with a degree in animal science.

Raised and born on a farm located in Northwest Iowa, Mr. David graduated from the Lowa University in the year 1987 and is the recipient of Wallace. E. Barron impressive senior award. Upon graduating from the university, David started his OSI industries career and worked upwards in his career to become the CEO and the president.

By being interested in highly utilizing resources to bring an impact to Lowa state, David is very active in Agricultural Entrepreneur initiative and in the year 2011 he arranged for a number of students to pay a visit to the OSI facilities in China and among those who visited, one of them got employed in the company. Furthermore, OSI has greatly supported student’s intern and creating a stage for internship opportunities in the future.

Mr. David agrees that the OSI Group Company has made great strides in the production of poultry in the market of Chinese including the launch of DaOSI which is a joint-venture partnership with the DOYOO Group, in the firm’s third operation in Poultry. David says that the company OSI Group has made outstanding improvements in its production and processing departments. This includes the unveiling of a beef processing industry in Poland, a brand new and modern feed mill in the Shandong Province and a brand new frozen foods plant in processing located in India. Other achievements are the penetration of various markets like Hungary and Geneva.

When OSI group acquired Baho food which is a Dutch manufacturer of the convenience foods, snacks, and deli meat, Mr. David said that by adding Baho food to the Europe OSI business, it provides a greater presence of OSI in Europe. He continued to say that the portfolio of the firm of brands and products matches the modern processing power of OSI while still widening the experiences of the company to best serve the highly growing client’s needs.

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