Duda Melzer’s Far Reaching Success

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur having many business interests in both South America and the US. He’s recently become CEO and chairman of the board of directors for RBS Group. This media outlet is considered to be the leading and fastest growing communications outlet in Brazil. The family is owned and operated by his family, his uncle being the previous CEO of RBS. Duda Melzer also has founded e.Bricks, a venture capital and equity firm specializing in the digital media sector. His interests expand to other interests in a wine company in South America as well as a contemporary art show.

Duda Melzer’s educational background has prepared him for success. Being a graduate from a Catholic university in Brazil, he continued to ivy league Harvard University to earn an MBA. He maintains contact with mentors at Harvard and has continued his education through professional development courses. He’s also been recognized by Cambridge Family Enterprise Group as a top entrepreneur; this list features well know professionals such as Chelsea Clinton. He’s also been invited by Cambridge to handpick the world’s future top entrepreneurs. He’s also received accolades from financial services giant Ernst & Young.

Aside from having so many accomplishments, he’s also family oriented. Duda is a firm believer that family is an essential element to his success. He not only engages in business with them but also works with their 35-year-old charitable organization. The goal of this group is to raise awareness of issues troubling children and teens in Brazil. Contact him, The group even works with government to accomplish its objectives. Having nearly as much power in the Brazilian media market as Google, the message and help reach far and wide. Their project is known as “Love is the Best Inheritance,” has been credited with much success. Without a doubt, Duda Melzer is a rising star not only in his home country but internationally as well and read full article.

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