Equities First UK, the Ultimate Lender

Ideas are unlimited. As a result, many people in the present day world have come up with vast ideas, more so, business ideas whose result is income in their pockets. Unfortunately, many lack the means to actualize these ideas for the sole reason of lack of capital. This creates a business niche for lending firms like Equities First Holdings with less tightened lending criteria.

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide leader in substitute stockholder financing solutions. It deals with both stock-based and margin loans. It views loans secured by stocks as an excellent alternative source of funding for individuals seeking working capital. It provides capital against stock transacted on public exchange markets.

More so, stock-based loans are deemed to have a higher value of loan percentage and provide borrowers with a fixed rating in interest, which provides certainty throughout the transaction period. Secondly, it provides a hedge since the borrowers can lower investment risk in a snag market. Also, they have a non-recourse characteristic that allows borrowers to quit from a stock loan at will despite depreciation. Borrowers can keep the starting loan earnings without further responsibilities to the lender. Besides, there are no constraints on loans, meaning that the money is flexible to be used for any project suiting the borrowers’ needs and read full article.

Equity First Holdings provides credit to borrowers who need to raise capital quickly or those who do not qualify for the conventional credit-based loans. Moreover, it is built on integrity and transparency. It highly relies on reliable legal, trading and also regulatory organizations for professional counsel hence making it a stand up financial firm. Its primary purpose is to deliver maximum benefits with minimum risk enabling its customers to meet both their personal and financial goals adequately.

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