Expert Analysis On Post Trump Investment Market

As Donald J. Trump has won the election and making the calls, the investment market has been quite anxious about the future. While many investors are holding on to their cash, a number of investment advisors are quite optimistic that this the beginning of a new era and there will have something positive in future.

Among those optimistic advisors, Timothy Armour is a prominent one. He is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group as well as the Chairman and CEO of Capital Research and Management Company. He has been closely monitoring the investment market and found some noteworthy trends. According to him, the market is moving towards a positive direction for the investors, and they will have a good time ahead along with a few hurdles. In one of his recent interviews, he pointed out that Federal Reserves has increased interest rate twice within this year. In addition to that, he is also optimistic about rising corporate earnings as well. These are some of the positive indicators for the investors to get the desired return on their investment. He is also advising that organizations such as Banks and commodity-based organizations would a be a good place to invest as they have better chances of doing good business. He also predicts that internet companies in China could be a lucrative option for investors looking for global investment opportunities.

Tim has been working in the investment sector for last 33 years. He started his career in Capital Group as a participant in its “Associate Program.” He also worked here as an Equity Investment Analyst and served in different other positions. While working in Capital, Tim developed an intuitive and different approach in dealing with investments. According to him, investors need to understand how the market operates in the first place rather than denouncing it. For instance, while the majority of the people see the Market Sell-Off in September 2015 as a bad thing, he sees it as a natural way of the market to adjust itself in a natural way. In one of his articles, Tim explained that the stocks were overpriced at that time and the authorities needed to take away access money through devaluing the currency.

Timothy Armour also suggests people should always work with active fund managers who are also willing to invest along with their clients. Since they have a personal interest in that portfolio, they will be more enthusiastic and aggressive to maximize return. Like those active fund managers, Tim has been working very hard at Capital group and investing in different sectors.

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