False Claims Equal More Benefits

Securus Technologies is a relatively well known information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in providing incredible levels of customer service support as well as offering highly reliable and efficient security and communications solutions. It has been recently reported by another information technology company, GTL, that a number of patents for Securus products had expired. This would have meant that time and effort placed in developing these products would have been useless for Securus Technologies and that their technology would be available on the open market for any company to take advantage of. Luckily for Securus this information has been proven to be inaccurate, with several third party corporations as well as Securus personnel performing diligent research to disprove the claims. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Securus technologies is an interesting information technology company as it develops and utilizes its services and products to a niche portion of the market. Securus focuses its attention on employees and inmates involved in the United States penal system. They provide communication solutions to incarcerated individuals, allowing these men and women to be able to directly communicate with their loved ones living in the outside world. An example of one of these products is a free downloadable application that is supported by both Android and Apple devices and offers seamless streaming video conferencing technology to customers. This allows the family members of inmates to bypass the annoying problems with security checks and driving times to and from prisons, opening more available time for visitation purposes.


With the identification of these false claims by GTL it would seem that Securus technologies can operate without further fingers being pointed in their direction. These false claims have no tarnished their reputation but may have instead given more presence of Securus to new possible customers in the system.


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