FreedomPop Achieves Financing Goal

FreedomPop is a revolutionary global phone service. They offer a variety of smart phones at discounted prices when moving to their network. Working off of Sprint’s already established lines of service across the world FreedomPop offers a cheaper and budget friendly option of phone service. They consider it a right, not a privilege. They even have a basic plan that offers a set amounts of texts, phone minutes, and data. All for free.

Now, they are taking their company to the next level. As well as setting a new standard for being a global service provider. After receiving a total of $109 million in financing, FreedomPop will be unveiling an affordable hotspot.

Customers, old and new, will not have to worry about any roaming charges as they will be fully covered by FreedomPop’s network if they are in one of the supporting countries. After purchasing the device which is going for a minimal $49.99, concluding the launch the hotspot will rise up to a price of $99.99, you can stick with the companies free 200MB or upgrade your plan to 500MB for only $10.

FreedomPop’s main goal from all this newly acquired financing is to provide affordable internet globally. As stated before, they consider the access to internet a right not a privilege, so they are doing whatever possible to bring affordable data coverage to numerous countries. The hotspot latches onto cellular networks that are available all around the world so customers will have no need to worry about obnoxious and sometimes expensive roaming charges. It is the hope to give users a “streamless data connection.”

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