Honey Birdette-Not Your Granny’s Underwaer Shop

Honey Birdette is an up and coming Australian lingerie brand that just keep expanding and becoming more popular. Eloise Monaghan, founder of honey Birdette, has decided to launch an e-Commerce site for their US customer base after having 374% increase in just 12 months. The new site has been designed to give their customers a better shopping experience with faster shipping, easier returns, and free shipping on orders over $50. The new site will also have a wider selection available to its US customers as well.

Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and is expanding into the UK market. The brand already has three store locations in the United Kingdom, including one in London’s Covent Garden, one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and one in Westfield White City. The location in London’s Covent Garden was the very first store to open outside of Australia. Honey Birdette is going to add 40 additional stores in the UK at locations including Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette is not stopping there though and plans to open up shop in Europe as well.

Honey Birdette is a boutique like no other. From its glossy black doors to the lush décor inside, you will find that the experience of shopping there is a s fun as the items found within. You will find everything from kinky S&M items to delicate lace lingerie pieces. They even have adult toys, lubricants, and massage candles and everything else that you can imagine would create some major sparks in the bedroom.

Honey Birdette came to be when two friends decided to change the lingerie market entirely and bring the flirty fun back to couples and lovers all over the world. No more settling for less-Honey Birdette had arrived! Honey Birdette has become popular for a reason.

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