How Adam Milstein is determined to support the Israel Culture

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is organizing an international pro-Israel memes competition, and it is currently receiving applications from across the globe. The contest has been named the Milstein Meme Competition, and it will allow hundreds of pro-Israel meme creators to show their skills to the public. A $2,000 price has been set for the winner of the challenge. For many years, memes have been considered as a cultural criterion for Gen Z and Millennials. Most of them are either funny, poignant, or dramatic. Participants of the event must have images macros, which are the internet’s favorite memes. They will include websites, images, videos, and hashtags that are shared by people rapidly through social media. Adam Milstein is determined to use the competition in creating a meme collection that will facilitate the work of pro-Israel activists. The memes will vary from Bad Luck Brian and lolcats macros to new school trends like Snapchat filters.

Adam Milstein believes that organizing the competition is a remarkable way of showing love for Israel since it involves humor and wit. The panel of the contest will comprise of college and high school students who are recognized for creating and sharing engaging pro-Israel memes. Social media voting will be opened to the public as from 3rd to 14th August. The competitors will be allowed to create up to five memes. Adam Milstein said that individuals would vote by using Facebook “react” that include wow, love, like, haha, sad or angry. The panel that will select the winner will have six pro-Israel activists who will be high school and college students.

One of the panelists, Tamar Lyons, said that the contest would reward meme creators who will show a sense of humor and love for Israel. Lyons is a student at Ryerson University and also serves as Students Supporting Israel’s president. According to her, creating and sharing memes is an excellent way of reaching many people quickly. Adam Milstein’s foundation joined efforts with various pro-Israel institutions in organizing the event. It has been working to protect and empower Jewish people across the United States. It also ensures that pro-Israel information is passed to generations.

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