How Technology and Fashion Work to Improve Each Other

While the industries of technology and fashion may seem very different, they have been complimenting each other for decades. Each brings with it a unique mind-set and vision that has something valuable to offer the other. Technology seeks to innovate and improve in the realms of functionality and efficiency. Fashion puts more of a focus on remaining aesthetically appealing and stylish. These two different industries often borrow from each other to create products that fulfill consumers’ needs for efficiency and style. As Christopher Burch describes in a Public Access article, “Technology and fashion both work hand-in-hand to make each one the best”.

Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, understands how the relationship of technology and fashion can work to create some beautiful products. Burch began his active entrepreneurial career while still attending Ithaca College. With a $2,000 investment, Burch and his brother founded Eagle’s Eye apparel. They started selling sweatshirts door-to-door around campus for $15. Eventually, Burch decided to invest in their own manufacturing center to keep up with increasing demand. The company expanded to reach several different campuses and retail stores. Burch oversaw the company’s growth to $140 million in sales with over 50 of its own retail stores.

Burch’s entrepreneurial spirit carried him to make other investments both in real estate as well as lifestyle and fashion brands. He worked as co-Chairman for the Tony Burch fashion label and was instrumental in its growth and success. To help organize and facilitate all of his investments and companies, Burch started Burch Creative Capital in 2008. The first brand that Burch created under his new company was a home decor and accessories brand named C. Wonder. It was eventually sold to Xcel Brands in 2015. Some of Burch’s real estate investments include luxury homes in Nantucket, Massachusetts and Southampton, New York.

Burch Creative Capital is a company that works directly with their clients to help them grow and scale their business. Chris Burch is not solely focused on the business side of things. He understands how critical creativity and innovation are to the success of startups and small business. With his years of experience in the fashion and consumer goods industries, Burch can offer unique advice and support for Burch Creative Capital’s clients. According to Huffington Post, the company has invested in a wide variety of companies ranging from home and office supply to luxury brands. These include Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, Chubbies, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Poppin.

Learn more on Chris Burch’s website here.

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