Julie Zuckerberg Brings A Whole New Outlook To Executive Recruiting

Executive recruiting involves a concerted effort to attract top talent and then hire them for current and future positions in a particular organization. Recruiters use internal as well as external strategies to find qualified individuals, and many of those strategies have been around for years. But there is a new workforce in place these days. Millennials are filling retiring Baby Boomers positions, and Millennials don’t react to some of the old recruitment strategies. The new workforce is demanding, educated, finicky and fickle. That being said, Millennials are also more tech savvy, and they are motivated by Internet facts instead of the old recruitment messages that promise a brighter future and a rewarding career. One recruiter that is acutely aware of the changes that are taking place in the workplace is Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank in New York.


Zuckerberg attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She studied philosophy, and she learned how to use her intuition and knowledge to interact with business leaders, asset managers, commercial and private wealth managers, global technology experts and operation managers. Julie has worked for Deutsche Bank since 2014, and she has made a huge impact on the bank’s workforce. Zuckerberg likes to attract people with diverse talents, but she is also involved in giving hiring governance advice to the executive committee. She is also responsible for developing new and effective recruitment practices that increase company proficiency and engagement in the banking industry. Julie has been able to attract a diverse and highly qualified group of people that wanted a career in the banking industry. Her success stems from the fact that she is able to recruit talent for entry-level positions that other recruiters couldn’t budge because of their recruitment style. Julie takes the time to develop relationships with university placement offices, executive search firms, and other recruiters. She attends conferences and is involved in professional organizations, and she is constantly searching online for candidates for certain open positions. Social media plays an important role in today’s job market, and Zuckerberg is very active when it comes to recruiting based on social media information.



One of the facts that Julie learned early in her recruitment career is employing the path of least resistance in recruiting. Julie thinks it’s a good idea to hire a person that performed the exact job, in the same industry, in the current business atmosphere, especially if the applicant works for a company with a similar culture. Past behavior is the best gauge for future behavior, according to Zuckerberg. A candidate that requires minimal training is usually the best candidate because they become productive and effective, faster, but that’s not always the case. Julie likes to look within the company first then she looks at external applicants. Providing lateral and promotional opportunities for current employees boost morale and make employees feel their talents and accomplishment are appreciated, according to Zuckerberg. When Julie is not filling important positions at Deutsche Bank, she enjoys the arts, food, and technology. Julie is an avid runner and she is constantly taking photos thanks to her love of photography.


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