Life Line Screening Partners To Offer New Bone Density Health Screens

Life Line Screening is a business that offers health screenings at events they hold across the United States. The goal of their screening is to catch unhealthy conditions and diseases in their early stages. By catching a problem when it is smaller it is easier for people to make lifestyle changes in order to address them or for their doctor to prescribe prescriptions when warranted.

One of the health screens that Life Line Screening offers is bone density screening. Osteoporosis is a serious and progressive disease in which eventually bone will rub against bone. This can result in painful joints and a person being at an increased risk of suffering a bone fracture.

Many people who have osteoporosis don’t know it. This is because the best equipment for detecting it is only found in hospitals and at a high cost. Life Line Screening recently announced a new partnership that will change this, making it more common and affordable to have your bone density checked for osteoporosis. The partnership is with a European company called Bone Index, Ltd. They created Bindex which Life Line Screening will be using at the 15,000 screening events they hold around the nation. The people who avail themselves of Life Line Screening’s events will have an accurate and convenient way of having osteoporosis screened, hopefully in its early stages.

Osteoporosis is expensive disease in America. Every year it costs about $19 billion to treat, mainly due to how many bones are broken each year by those who have this disease. Analysts in the industry say that this will rise to over $25 billion by the year 2025. Now that Life Line Screening is offering Bindex at their events this number is expected to decline.

Bindex has proven to be safe and effective not only in Europe but also in China and Japan. In Finland, in particular, they are conducting the biggest osteoporosis screening campaign on the planet using this technology. The management and employees of Life Line Screening are excited to bring this technology to the United States. They started offering this new screening in September 2017.

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