Malini Saba Continues Philanthropic Efforts

Malini Saba is one of the most successful financial experts and investors currently active in the financial market today. Her career started over 25 years ago when she began working in the venture capital field in Silicon Valley. While working for a few different hedge fund and venture capital firms, she was able to help provide capital to more than 20 different companies including several that are currently publicly traded firms or were acquired in a very profitable acquisition. She worked in a wide variety of roles including investor relations, capital raising, portfolio management, and analysis. Her success working in Silicon Valley allowed her to build a significant amount of personal equity, which she has been giving back to the community ever since.

While Malini Saba may be best known for her efforts and successes in the finance industry, she is continuing to develop a reputation as one of the world’s top philanthropists due to the amount of time and resources she has dedicated to a variety of charities and foundations. Her first significant step into a life of philanthropy came in 2001 when she founded Stree, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to aiming the way that at-risk woman and children are seen both internally and externally. Ultimately, the foundation aims to provide women and at-risk children with more professional opportunities than were ever previously available.

While Stree started as a local charity designed to give help to woman in Asia, it has continued to grow across the world. Stree now provides healthcare, legal services, and other resources to woman in Central America, India, Africa, and a variety of different locations all over the world.

Beyond her dedication to Stree, she has also found time and capital to donate to other foundations and causes as well. In 2005 she personally donated over $1 million to help star the Heart Research Center in El Camino, California, which was designed to help provide resources to those in need. Following the tsunami in 2004 that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, Saba donated over $10 million towards the cleanup, redevelopment, and resources needed to help people.


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