Marc Sparks: Intellectual Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the business world. He’s highly regarded for his insightful and intuitive knowledge of startups. If there was an exemplary example of what an entrepreneur is, Marc would be that example. He’s not the poster boy of never failing startups. He’s a real entrepreneur that has just as many failures as he has successes. He’s played a huge role in dozens of startups since graduating high school.

He’s spent over 34 years as an entrepreneur and has a collective knowledge that many revere as one of the greatest business minds in the world. Aspiring entrepreneurs have waited decades for him to share some of his invaluable knowledge. Finally, after decades of waiting, Marc has decided to write a book that details his journey and imparts some of his wisdom.

Marc accredits his vast success to a higher power. He truly believes that there’s no way from someone like him to have ever become as success as he is without an extreme amount of heavenly favor. He has no formal training for any of the things he does, be he admits that he’s always had a keen instinct. One of his greatest passions is building companies that people often think won’t work into successful, booming companies.

He’s even smart enough to keep a handful of portfolio companies secret from everyone else. He uses his privately private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, to investigate and practice and sharpen his skills. He likes taking startups from just being an idea and creating a full business model with its own company culture and setting short-term and long-term goals.

Marc is smart enough to know that the best way for someone like himself to move forward is to figure out what’s going on and fix the problem. Marc believes that too many companies have too long of a solution process. By the time other companies would have made appointments, reserved conference rooms, and had meetings; he could found, addressed, and resolved the problem.

He uses his book to address issues like this in their entirety. In his book, They Can’t Eat You, he completely opens up about his experiences in the business world. He doesn’t allow himself to become arrogant or selfish. He admits to all his failures and describes the lessons learned from them in the hopes that his words will teach others before they make the same mistakes.

He believes that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn much more from his failures than they could ever learn from his exemplary successes. Marc continues his entrepreneurial ventures to this day.

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