Marie Claire and Kate Hudson Discuss Dresses by Fabletics

Marie Claire recently conducted an interview with newly crowned fashion queen Kate Hudson. The topic of discussion was, of course, Hudson’s new line called Fabletics. Instead of discussing the trendy leggings and tank tops, however, Marie Claire and Kate discussed perhaps the biggest news of the clothing line so far: casual dresses.

Fabletics was established in 2013 (more on Wikipedia). While Kate is the face of this popular company, there are two other founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. This sporty clothing line was designed with women in mind and sells both clothing and accessories. These personalized outfits have made women’s lifestyles that much easier and have contributed greatly to looking fabulous while being active. As previously mentioned, though, this line is taking a turn for the better with the addition of casual dresses.

While these dresses are athletic, they are also seemingly dressy. Marie Claire actually asked Kate Hudson if these dresses would be appropriate to wear on a date. Hudson’s response was “Yeah, I don’t see why not!” Additionally, Hudson also said in this interview that these dresses are all about “Taking the active girl out on the town and keeping her casual.”

Now at this point, one might be wondering which direction pics of their clothing may be heading in with their incorporation of dresses in the line. Some might ask if the line is becoming high fashion. Marie Claire is way ahead of you and asked this question in the interview. Hudson responded by basically saying that a lot more money would need to be invested before the line went high fashion.

Essentially, Hudson was saying that this line is for basic women who wish to lead a more healthy lifestyle. While Kate said that these dresses have the ability to be both professional and casual, she also said that the dresses are made with the same performance materials and that you can workout in them if you so choose. Kate also discussed her bathing suits with Marie Claire by saying that those were designed with activity in mind, as well.

In conclusion, the company’s follower base is on the rise. With trendy dresses added in the mix, this line is truly a force to be reckoned with. The demand is high, and Kate Hudson intends on meeting that demand.

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