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Living a healthy life is very crucial in our day to day lives and most of the people struggle to make sure their mind, body and even their spiritual being is healthy. With the advancement of technology individuals go online to get insight as well as knowledge on how to lead a healt6hy life. Several publishes have been made including Oncotarget and therapy journals.

The Oncotarget journals are provided to readers across the world at no cost. The Oncotarget is an index on the Pub Med Central and the publication on the papers are always submitted to the Pub Med for indexing purpose. The primary purpose of publishing the journals is to mainly cover all aspects of oncology.

The journal was established in 2010 and the impact journal are responsible publishing the journals. The chief editors who are responsible for the publishing are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blgosklonny. Impact Journals reported that Oncotarget is now providing free Altmerics Article reports as their latest part of their journal stage that will offer real-time following of article attention on both digital and tradition broadcasting channels.

The journals are known to explore the evidence behind both the new and the old therapies and improve the outcome and also define their usage in in regards to their eventual uptake, and how the patient and the medical professional accept the therapy. According to Dove Press, the Oncotarget is index online and the index include

  • Pub Med and Pub central.
  • Biological abstract
  • BIOSIS preview
  • Directory of open access journals
  • Journals citations reports
  • Science citation index
  • Embase from 2009
  • OAister : the open access initiative

Medical companies have an added advantage when they publish their therapy on the journal. Some of the advantages include

  • The journal is open and is accessible to anyone who opens the papers and can also be downloaded from the dove website.
  • The journal is an electronic and even though it received a large amount of journals, the papers are always published.
  • Oncotarget is one of the fastest medical journals in the world and it does not frustrated publishes as their papers are published with no delay.
  • When an author publishes their papers on the journal, the authors have found that the comments add up to final papers.

All medical authors are advised to publish their medical papers on Oncotarget to help the world on therapies. The journal is a member and has also subscribed to the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).


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