Meet Sheldon Lavin; the Man Behind OSI Group’s Success Story

A wise man once said that the key to success is held by the top individuals in the company. They are the brains behind every move that the company makes which means victory. Sheldon Lavin is among the few renowned CEOs whose career life attests to the old saying. Today, Sheldon is celebrated due to his involvement with OSI Group where he serves as the CEO and chairman of the group’s board of directors.

In the recent past, OSI Group has managed to grab the attention of the media. As many often say, Sheldon is the big man behind the incredible growth rate. The company is based in Illinois and runs as a private entity. However, its presence is felt across the globe, and it has been named as the best meat processor and the top provider of food-related services.

When it comes to experience, Sheldon Lavin boasts of holding more than the needed expertise. The successful chairman got into the world of meat processing about 47 years ago. Before, Sheldon used to work as an executive at renowned banks. He also practiced investments, an undertaking that played a crucial role in shaping his career in the future. Forced by the urge to start his ventures, Sheldon ought to establish his own financial consulting business.

Sheldon’s journey with OSI Group began in 1970. During that time, Otto and Sons Bank was in urgent need of funding. The bank, being OSI’s forerunner, needed the boost the company’s growth strategy. During that time, OSI Group was a small venture, and Sheldon was hesitant to get onboard since he was interested in the meat processing venture. However, the new deal saw Sheldon being given the same leverage as that of the members of Otto and Sons, which saw Sheldon accept the deal.

Five years later, the talented CEO became more involved with the company when he was tasked with the obligation of seeking investment opportunities abroad. Sheldon’s involvement with the group was quickly felt and it did not take long for McDonald’s to persuade him to join the team on a full-term for the sake of cordial business relations. In the 80s, Sheldon gained full control of the company’s shares after one of the partners retired while the other one decided to sell out.

After becoming the sole owner of OSI Group, Sheldon dedicated his role to take the venture globally. Today, Sheldon’s business is praised globally in places such as South Africa, China, Philippians, Australia, India, and even Japan. Today,OSI is known as the most significant supplier of proteins and owns a total of 55 outlets in 16 countries. However, with Sheldon onboard, the number is expected to grow in the future.

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