Mr. Dick DeVos – Renowned For His Charitable Contributions Globally

It is a truth that Ms. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos get lots of attention for their political donations. They have made up to $139 million in their entire life. Both Mr. Dick DeVos and Ms. Betsy DeVos have provided $11.6 million in charity. This is a new report on their Family Foundation website.


It is double than $5.3 million in campaign donations in the past five years. The couple is a great part of a family that has been active players in the politics of the Republican party for many years. The elder DeVos and his four kids have provided $104 million in charity donations in the year 2015.


Forbes placed the DeVos family at $1.33 billion, and its fortune was at approximately $5.2 billion. Ms. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of the businessman Mr. Edgar Prince who is from a reputed family renowned for providing charity.


Mr. Dick and Betsy DeVos have significant philanthropic interests and exhibit education as the top priority. They have provided more than $3 million to educational reforms. That is about twenty-six percent of the donations in that year. The foundation has awarded at least $357,000 or just 3 per cent to the groups that actively support the reforms in education.


Mr. Dick DeVos mentions that the investment of the couple exhibits their priority in providing good quality education and for its improvement. According to Mr. DeVos, the system is not providing satisfaction to the American dream. This is usually a civil rights issue.


According to him, the children cannot get access to the American dream and accomplish the education important to achieve the American dream. Mr. Dick DeVos mentions that the primary objective is to address the failure in the education arena.


The educational reforms of the couple proved to be a great benefit for the Michigan schools. The DeVoses make use of the charitable and political contributions to continue their agenda in education. They do the promotion by using vouchers and charter schools. These are operated by the various profit firms. The family efforts of the DeVos’s are very transparent.


DeVos’s has got the donations from the foundation to fulfill the eligibility of the various charitable organizations. They also include the funding for the foundation of the Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation.


Mr. DeVos maintains that most of the donations are given to assist the people in a direct manner. Mr. DeVos mentions that the schools he and his wife opt to support provide adult support and also supervision. The couple is great benefactors for a long time at the urban Christian school.


Some time back, they started the nation’s first charter school that was similar to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.



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