Nobody Does Beauty Business Better Than Doe Deere And Lime Crime

Doe Deere has always advised fellow dreamers to find what they’re really great at, develop a major passion, and then jump in head first, and keep swimming. Learn more:


The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup knew she was always savvy at fashion, hair and cosmetics and how the use of vibrant color could create an impact. She sat down with PhillyPurge to discuss the business world of beauty and how she took a huge leap into a cutthroat industry that has long been ruled by a few cosmetics giants.


Doe Deere sells wildly colored makeup for the modern gal and guy, and its humble beginnings have soared to the top of online makeup stores around the world. Doe Deere found her business niche, and that is selling cosmetics in bizarre colors and textures, something the big companies were afraid to launch.


Lime Crime debuted in 2008, and Doe Deere established her brand to fill an empty shelf in the competitive makeup market. While the giant brands were pushing beiges and nudes with basically one hot vibrant shade of red, Doe Deere took another path to success, ignoring the traditional boring palettes and offering bright, sexy, naughty makeup.


She wasn’t sure how her cosmetics line would be received, but she was willing to take a chance, become an expert at online brand building and learn to establish a presence on social media. Doe Deere excelled on all those points, and Lime Crime began to take off.


These days, Lime Crime is popular on sites like Instagram and boasts a following of more than 3.1 million globally. The site is colorful and striking, and fans are eager to paint themselves in Lime Crime makeup and share these cosmetics selfies with the world.


What allows Lime Crime makeup to stand out and draw in new fans has to do with its beauty philosophy. Doe Deere wants eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and liners to be fun, edgy and give the wearer confidence to define their own beauty standards.


It’s working because Lime Crime has been spotted on the red carpet, at photo shoots and as cool street beauty/fashion. Lime Crime was unafraid to sell bright blue shades of lipstick or those hues in yellow, green, eggplant, squash and even cement. Fans were seduced by the originality, playfulness and makeup that enjoyed breaking all the beauty rules. Learn more:


Now the major cosmetics companies are trying to play catch up and finally adding lipsticks in strong shades a la Lime Crime. That’s alright with Doe Deere because she’s busy developing brand new makeup for the future. She’s willing to put 100 percent in the company every day. If she’s not busy at the lab with the brand’s chemist, then she’s busy collaborating with the creative director. Learn more:


Doe Deere lives and breathes Lime Crime and is proud of a brand that is vegan, cruelty-free and empowering to young people of either sex.


Times change, and makeup also moves forward. Doe Deere is always looking ahead.

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