The consumption of nicotine has always been considered fashionable as well as a necessity for some individuals. In the past, the methods of consuming nicotine were limited to smoking which, absolutely, has a lot of side-effects. For those who are habitual to smoking regularly the 21st century brings a simple yet elegant substitute; i.e. Vaping. Basically, Vaping is a process in which dynamic ingredients extracted from plants are vaporized for inhalation with the use of some sort of electronic device. These plant ingredients can be both nicotine based or cannabis-based. The advance in technology that we have experienced in the 21st century has led to such effortless method of consumption of nicotine.

However, as the trend of vaping continues to widen and include thousands of people around the world, it has gotten some complaints over the years. These complaints mostly have to do with the taste and the throat burn that comes with uncontrolled vaping. People all around the world have criticized the taste and the burn they have to experience when they vaporize their nicotine and/or cannabis. Nevertheless, most vaporizers have a common feature that allows for users to control the temperature at which the coil in the vaporizer burns allowing them to change the taste of the vapor. This feature is known as Temperature Control Vaping. Temperature Control Vaping allows for users to predetermine the temperature at which the coils in vaporizers function. Simply put, this feature will regulate the temperature at which the coil in your vaporizers burns. A good analogy for this process has to do with speed assistance in cars; no matter how hard you press on the gas pedal, the speed of the car stays the same. This is not to say that you cannot take bigger or smaller inhales than you are used to. This only means that the coil will burn at the same rate. This simple solution allows for users to adjust the taste of the product to their liking.

In order to enable temperature control in your vaporizer, all you need to do is set the appropriate Temperature Control Mode for the type of coil you are using in your vaporizer tank/RBA/RTA/RDA. Most vaporizers have a Temperature Control vape mode which supports both Nickel based as well as Titanium based coils. On the other hand, some vaporizers only control the temperature of one kind of coil at a time. After doing this you will need to lock in the base resistance of the coil at room temperature. Locking it at room temperature is the key in this process. This will allow the temperature control feature in your vaporizer to function in full swing. Finally, all you now need to do is set the temperature at which you like your coil to be burnt at. The ideal temperature at which you will likely find that sweet spot is 185°C for cannabis and about 300°C for nicotine. Conversely, you can set the temperature to your liking as well. Regulating the temperature at which the coils burns will also help you ease into the vaping process since you can personalize the conditions in which the vapor enters your throat. All in all, temperature control will enable you to find the ideal threshold while vaping allowing you to vape as much as you want. Almost all vaporizers are a little hard on your throat most of the time but with temperature control, you will be able to alleviate the burn that comes with it. All things considered, with this information you will be able to take control of your vaping.

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