Premium Dog Chow Booms With New Trends In Pet Food

Pet owners for years and years have, more and more, been treating their fine, furry friends as “one of the family” a empathetic trend which has had a major impact on the pet food industry. This trend is most concisely demonstrated by the so called, premium dog food market with brands such as the up-and-coming Freshpet Inc. whose executives regularly taste test their puppy chow fresh off the assembly line. Yuck, right? Well not quite, indeed their industry standards are so high that the employees of Freshpet Inc. say that there is very little difference, in terms of taste and quality, between their high end refrigerated dog food and meat made for people which can be bought at the store.  And, thus far, he isn’t wrong as premium pet food now accounts for roughly half of the entire 23.7 billion dollar pet food industry.

But Freshpet Inc. is far from the only company who has jumped on the premium bandwagon. Other, larger and more well established pet food companies such as Colgate Palmolive are also trying to woo pet owners with a line of pooch weight loss treats. The popular and beloved dog focused pet food brand, Purina Beneful has a online diet creation plan so that pet owners can fine tune their pet’s meals to best reflect the animals health concerns and tastes. Purina Beneful has also works side by side with a highly qualified team of well over a hundred scientists and nutritionists in ongoing research projects with the end goal of continuously updating and improving the health and wellness benefits of Beneful product lines. Another lesser known pet food company called Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has a line of pet food products based off of popular diner meal choices such as stroganoff and Italian lasagna which, they claim, taste almost exactly the same as the dishes a person might be able to purchase at a local restaurant.

Currently the premium pet food market accounts for around 10.5 billion dollars in total sales – which is nothing to shake a stick at! Richard Thompson of Freshpet Inc remarks that as long as people care about their family and treat their pets as a member of their family there is nowhere for the premium pet food market to go but up.


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