Securus Technologies Improving Lives in North America

Securus Technologies has been regarded as a leading provider in both civil as well as criminal justice technology. This technology has been praised for providing solutions for public safety, investigation, as well as corrections and monitoring. Recently a conducted survey found that more than half of correctional facilities around the country are looking for new ways to update technology as well as expand services. The goal with improving technology is to improve productivity, improve profit, as well as improve the inmate satisfaction. Despite their majority response, many correctional facilities would like to update technology; however, cutting costs comes as first priority in order to profit more. With this new intention, correctional facilities are now looking to team up with Securus Technologies in order to become more efficient and productive.

Securus Technologies specifically states that there are now large opportunities for agencies to now automate their operations which will free up the operating cash flow as well as improve inmate satisfaction. It is well known that by increasing productivity through updating technology, this has a positive effect on every individual within a correctional facility. This satisfaction will include the corporation of video visitation, tablets, public safety software, contraband cellphone mitigation risk, as well as overall safety improvement. 

In order to showcase Securus’ success with technological updates, this company invested $1.5 million into the state of the art Technology Center. With center is located just outside of Dallas. This facility has been regarded as one of the latest facilities with both civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions. The particular facility has the intention of providing each client with the unique opportunity of experiencing the technological advances that Securus Technologies had to offer which includes countless services such as inmate phone calls as well as devices that are offered. The company continues to expand at an exponential rate thanks to the new investment. 

Securus Technologies is a company that specifically serves public safety, law enforcement, as well as correction agencies. All of these benefactors spread across the United States and includes over 1,200,000 inmates. The technology that is provided through this company helps provide a fast emergency response, incident management, public information, bio-metric analysis, inmate self-service, as well as inmate communication monitoring products. Securus Technologies is especially dedicated to providing technology that only helps with what matters. All the technology provided has the overall goal of making North America continue to be one of the safest places to live. To learn more about Securus video visitation app, download it for free from iTunes or from Google Play here >>

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the product used for pain and anxiety alleviation, Securus nor is it a part of the website for agents, Securus America.

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