Securus Technologies Solutions to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technology is a prison technology company first established in 1986. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus offers an array of solutions in civil and criminal justice. Securus is one of the top companies providing services such as investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. The facility has helped several clients to meet the required management, supervisory, and other related incarceration standards.


Emails and letter received at Securus Technologies are enough to confirm the company’s relentless commitment to serving its clients better. Besides making incarceration facilities safer, the company is actively coming up with creative solutions to protect and safeguard the rights of innocent.


Securus Technologies regularly launches a service or product every week. According to Rick Smith, most innovative services and products in the company are mainly for solving crimes and promoting proactive measures. Rick Smith is the CEO and chair of Securus Technologies. He is particularly delighted in positive client response and impact of the firm in the community.


Various clients have highly celebrated monitoring services offered by Securus Technologies. Correctional officials are now able to monitor the use of alcohol, selling of drugs, and security threats by inmates. This is mainly important in guaranteeing incarceration staff and inmates of their security.


Several correctional facilities now use various innovative services offered at Securus Technologies. Most clients are confident that Securus will continue to serve them even with better technologies for mitigating and preventing incidences of crimes. Routine innovation at Securus is desirable and serve as the pillar of this giant company.


Most clients now use investigative and security tools offered at Securus to meet their incarceration goals. Cases in point of widely used services are the contraband monitor and LBS software. Securus now serve more than 3,450 law enforcement facilities and an excess of 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The firm offers services such as inmate self-service, information management, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring, and incident management among others.


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  1. Thinking of the prison reminds one the kind of people that would be there hence, how risky it would be for any unarmed person. However, writing service review were able to solve their clients problems which resulted to looks of positive feedback. Now, the prison is much safer with the invention of Securus Technologies. Using their inmates communication system has reduced the rate at which crime occurs in the cell.

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