The Athletic Fashion Trends For Work And Play

Confused with why so many people are wearing their gym clothes to work, to shop or just to run errands? Before the answer of they are to busy or lazy to change comes to mind consider the fact that this is now the latest fashion trend. This trend is called athleisure wear and it is gaining popularity from coast to coast.

Retailers are beginning to dedicate whole sections of their stores (and even opening new stores) just to sell athleisure wear. These apparel items range from cotton yoga pants to cashmere sweats and everything in between. This fashion trend from Fabletics is gaining momentum among all sorts of people.

Fabletics is a place where athleisure wear can be purchased at significantly less than the designer wear seen on catwalks. It is of the same high quality and uses high quality fabrics but is something that everyone can afford. Their subscription service even makes it a snap to get the latest fashions every month without having to sift through racks at the local retailer.

This style trend is not exactly new. Juicy Couture has offered velour track suits for years, it is simply that now everyone seems to be finding the usefulness of such apparel. The new health trends where everyone is trying to stay fit and active lends a lot of credence to the athleisure wear lines.
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Other factors that could be playing a pretty large part in this new trend could also include the need for our wardrobes to be more functional and comfortable. We all can relate to the need for more exercise to be fit into our schedules. The problem is that who wants to tote around changes of clothes for a quick workout at the gym at lunch?

The fashion trend makes sense, but then we all need to consider how great it is to wear the same clothes to work, then workout, and then go back to work all in the same outfit. Personal hygiene must not take the place of the utility to wear the same clothes when working up a sweat. For now athleisure wear is here to stay.

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