The Impact of Helane Morrison

A journalism graduate from Northwestern University Helane Morrison has had a life full of accomplishments in politics. She currently is the director and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, in San Francisco. Run totally by women, Hall Capital is currently is one of the most successful investment companies in California. She has had years of experience working in security in the city of San Francisco.

Morrison has a wealth of knowledge that has led her to her current position. Her education includes her time at the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. With that knowledge she has gained experienced working for her US Court of Appeals and a Supreme Court Justice. In time her experience gained her the position of partner with the firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Morrison would eventually go on to join Hall Capital Partners. She was very attracted to the firms diverse culture and leadership. Helane Morrison has been determined to restore confidence in the company. Morrison has developed a reputation as tough, ethical and morally sound. Furthermore she has a track record for exposing corrupt practices amongst brokers in various financial sector scandals.

Morrison’s accomplishments are quite numerous. Her early success in journalism lead her to a position as the Head of Enforcement role at the SEC office. A few of her other accomplishments include leading financial fraud investigations against top-tier Fortune 500 executives, defending a large number defrauded senior citizens and Exposing the destruction of audit papers by auditors working for major companies. Helane’s passion for justice is clear and her dedication to seeing justice served continues to not waiver.

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