Tony Petrello’s Unmatched Territory

In whatever you do, do it to your level best. Life is always about making a difference in whatever aspect of life, and that is one thing that Tony Petrello significantly considers. By far, Petrello is one of the most influential individuals that have ever lived in the U.S. Today; Tony is renowned for being the CEO of Nabors Industries, a top oil and gas drilling company in America. As a humble and devoted man, Tony has done it in life. In 2014, Petrello turned out to be the highest paid CEO in America, something that many people came to envy at the time. However, Tony’s success has not come in vain. Over the years, Petrello has upheld the highest levels of integrity helping create thousands of jobs to the American people in his wake and more information click here.

With a strong work ethic, Tony Petrello is a man that greatly deserves our emulation. Petrello’s hard work is not something that started the other day. Ever since Tony Petrello was a Mathematical Scholar, he did all in his power to excel in academics. Later on in life, Tony pursued human sciences at the Harvard Law School, education that has helped shape his career in a big way. Tony Petrello came to Nabors Industries some twenty-six years ago, after leaving the Baker & McKenzie firm that he had been working for since 1986. Straight from a law practice, Tony assumed the role of CEO at Nabors Industries. A year later, Tony was made President of the Corporation, a position he most graciously took. For years, Petrello worked hard and smart rising through the ranks to become the Deputy Chairman of Nabors in 2003. Thus, Tony’s life has been full of challenges that have helped him become a success and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Apart from Tony Petrello being a corporate head at Nabors Industries, he is also the Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Corporation. Above all, Mr. Petrello plays a vital part in the success of the Texas Children’s Hospital. With his $60 million payment in bonuses, Tony Petrello is by far the highest paid CEO of the 21st Century and learn more about Tony.

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