Wessex Institute of Technology Publishes Professional International Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is one of England’s finest graduate research centers concerned with the study of science and technology. Founded in 1981, WIT attracts some of the brightest minds from around the world to study, research, and contribute to the global scientific community.

In addition to hosting international conferences, WIT is also well known for its publishing department.WIT Press has two main headquarters, one in Ashurst Lodge, England, and the other in Massachusetts. People working for WIT Press publish numerous conference transcripts, scientific textbooks, and monographs every single year. But WIT Press is perhaps best known for its renowned journal publications.

A few of WIT Press’ most important international journals include “Heritage Architecture,” “Environmental Impacts,” and “Development and Planning.” All of these journal titles are highly praised in the scientific community.As of today, WIT Press publishes seven international journals. The most recent additions to the WIT journal roster include “Transport Development and Integration” and “Heritage Architecture.”If all goes according to plan, WIT Press should begin publishing a brand new journal in 2018. This journal will be called the “International Journal of Environmental Impacts.” Wessex Institute of Technology journals Press hopes to put many of these journals into their eLibrary as the years wane on.

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