Whitney Wolfe: The entrepreneurial mind behind the best dating app

Whitney Wolfe’s early life and dedication

Born in 1990, Whitney Wolfe spent most of her early years in the state of Utah. By the age of 19, Wolfe was admitted to the college where she studies International Relations. Having developed an entrepreneurial mind in her early years enabled her to accomplish some of her plans while ate college. She made bags and other different items which college students needed for their daily lives and survival. With this focus, she met a group of friends with whom she started charity programs that could help during emergencies. This mindset enabled her attempt several business ideas; most of which were successful.

Whitney Wolfe’s Journey to a millionaire

After college, Wolfe co-founded the Tinder Company in 2012. She held this position till recently when she filed a law suit against the company for unfairly stripping of hard earned title. In 2014, Whitney came up with the idea of creating a website that would bring people together. Her major target was the group that was still within the dating age. She targets people who were under 40 years and could effectively use the created application. The app received a lot of attention especially in Europe and in the United States.

What motivated Whitney Wolfe to create the App?

During her days in college, there was a culture that only men could approach ladies for dating. Any lady who could be seen making the first move was not treated kindly. With this system, several ladies suffered in silence as they saw their desires fly away. In her application, Whitney Wolfe created a system where only ladies can initiate the conversation. This approach was meant to give the women a chance to express their feelings without limitation from the society. For more info about us: http://www.businessinsider.com/bumble-founder-shares-her-entrepreneurial-advice-2017-2 click here.

How the app favors women

During the sign in process, the user indicates whether it is a male or female. After an account is created, the system disables the button that can initiate a conversation on the male profile and activates the one on the female profile. The male users can only wait for the communication from the females.

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