Women Leaders On The Rise: Skout CFO Portia Kersten Talks Business!

Social media celebrity businesswoman recently shared the realities of leadership, Huffington Post reports. Skout powerhouse CFO (Chief Financial Officer) beats the normcore of business leadership installation. It’s no secret how businesses today thrive on male domination! Portia Kersten defied this rule. What gives her story distinction is that she’s tussled with industry’s elites, businessmen of caliber, and reigns! The former Columbia University scholar holds a Master’s in business administration. Portia hails from a humble background, which amounted to her grappling dreams of success.

She highlights the influence of role models Margaret Thatcher and Charles Dickens. Additionally, Portia recounts Shakespearean masterpiece “ The Merchant of Venice,” which explores the life of her namesake, a wealthy heroine, and heiress. She celebrates the ambitions of Portia and considers her an exemplary role model. The CFO installation isn’t without challenges according to Skout leadership, Portia Kersten. Her practice of always incorporating efficiency, be it in her professional or personal life fuels coherence. This allows her to balance both without chaos.

Prior to joining Skout, Portia leadership background comprises of key roles managing different industries. Her core duties involved capital expansion, production optimization among other responsibilities. With the intelligence of manipulating pattern recognition, Portia strives for excellence at Skout. With the best practices, she’s adapted from operating industry heavyweights like GE and embracing the uniqueness of evolving startups she’s grown within her field. Skout dominates as a premier social community platform highlighted for its revolutionary concepts of connecting people.

Portia treasures the opportunity of working with the Skout family, especially Andreessen Horowitz. She remarked on the quality of workmanship and teamwork. Of course, she’s had challenges, and they’re no different from what other companies face. Consequently, her greatest challenge is keeping product development and maintenance coherent with changing markets. A lack of confidence causes a constant cycle of mistrust and self-doubt among today’s working women.

A mentor empowering future businesswomen, Portia embraces consistency, politeness and logic to boost confidence. She credits “Naked in the Board Room” published author and Parenting Magazine founder, Robin Wolaner for this mentorship. She’s another entrepreneur and role model Portia embraces as true leadership. At Skout, Portia foresees long-term collaboration as she takes the social networking leader to new horizons. Skout connects millions in pursuit of dating and social networking experiences. The platform utilizes location mapping to discover connections globally and locally.

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